Another Record Claims Year

FY2015PaidThrough your efforts in searching for and claiming unclaimed property, we've successfully returned over $21 million dollars to the rightful owners so far this Fiscal Year.  This new high is also more than a 34% increase over last year's all time high of more than $15.8 million.

Treasurer Ellis' support  of new branding, website re-design and public relations efforts has significantly improved the public awareness of money waiting to be claimed.  Local radio and TV stations have also helped us to get the word out to many more people.  The addition of coordinated efforts to use Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to share the message of our new and improved website resulted in record numbers of traffic to the search pages on our site.  We are now on track to have 2 million page views over the past 12 months.

Thank you for helping us achieve our mission of returning unclaimed money to the rightful owners.  That said, we receive millions more every year. So search regularly and let friends and family know to do the same.  Your lost money misses you! 


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  1. gloria elaine kuck aitken | Aug 13, 2015

    My accountant notified me that i had money reserved from selling my home in 2013.


    ull names i've been going by are:

    gloria elaine kuck (maiden)
    married names: harris (1968), haddox (1973), wright (1987), aitken (1998)

    I am in Spring, Texas

    My mailing address is

    26325 Northgate Crossing Blvd., Apt. 1711

    Spring, Texas 77373

  2. Bernice Pilling | Jul 21, 2015
    This is so awesome 

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